Oh no! The puppies got into the stash! 💨
7 , 7 7 7 Stoned Puppies blazing on the Ethereum blockchain. 🐕
Minting is live! Press below. (Must be on Google Chrome) Price: 0.01 ETH. Max QTY:5

    Short-Term Goals (Requirement: $100k in mint sales and royalties)

  • - Have a successful Pre-Mint and Public Mint Sale & Give away 1 ETH worth of prizes to holders!
  • - Publish Stoned Puppy rarities on raritysniper.com
  • - Donate a portion of proceeds towards building/renovating dog parks in the US.

    Intermediate Goals ($200k in mint sales and royalties)

  • - Earn blue-check verifications on Opensea and Twitter
  • - Develop a way for Stoned Puppy owners to place votes & Give away 1 ETH worth of prizes to holders!
  • - Begin artwork for 3D Stoned Puppy Collection.

    Long-Term Goals ($300k in mint sales and royalties)

  • - Take votes on Stoned Puppy Leash, Collar, & Grinder designs.
  • - Bring merchandise to the marketplace & Give away 1 ETH worth of prizes to holders!
  • - Release 3D Stoned Puppy Collection.

Stoned Puppies NFT was created with the intention of building a community of laid back JPEG collectors who love puppies and who may occasionally dabble with the grass. We want this project to provide a virtual network and support system for like-minded people as the world slowly shifts into a more virtual setting.

We want to make is clear that we do not condone the ingestion or inhalation of any foreign substances by dogs. These images are merely a reflection of laidback humans in dog form.

At the end of the day, what makes one NFT project better than the next? The team and the community.

Our team has been working on making this project a success for quite some time. Developing the art, roadmap, website, discord, etc have taken up hundreds of hours of our time. We want this project to go to the moon. We want this project to be worth the most among all other NFT projects.

But that will not be possible without YOU the people. This project can be worth as little or as much as you want it to be on the secondary market. The community sets that price. How successful does the community want this project to be?